9 Mart 2017 Perşembe

Lawn Mower(Bosch ARM 32-1200W)

Recently, this is the first time I had a chance to use a lawn mover.Actually, it belongs to me after now because I bought a Boch ARM 32 for the garden of my family's summer house! The machine has revolving blades at its bottom to cut a lawn. These blades are so dangerous for anything. Especially on your old carpet. Ok, this was my fault and at least everybody is good. Nobody didn't get injured. I tried to work the machine but it didn't work.I miss it on our old carpet and it has suddenly worked. A big hole on the carpet! That is all, nothing to worry. But I can tell you these machines are wicked and do not let children use them.You have to see our carpet's last status.

Anyway, these machines are developed to cut lawn by utilizing whose sharpen blades to cut grasses. This is the process to adjust all grasses to an even height. It is so fun to drive and push it. It helps you to relax. I recommend this machine called Bosch ARM 32(1200W) to one who thinks to buy a lawn mower. It has 1200W engine power and capacity of cutting grasses is 31 liters.6,8 kg weight, cutting height 20 - 60 mm, cutting system with the blade. Here is my first driving a lawn mower video:

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