21 Eylül 2016 Çarşamba

Microsoft Will No Longer Serve Ads That Use Older Advertising SDK

"Starting in January 2017, we will no longer serve banner ads to apps that use older advertising SDK releases from Microsoft. In order for your app to continue to receive banner ads in January 2017, you may need to update your app to use the latest advertising SDK and resubmit your app to the Store. To determine whether your app is affected by this change and learn how to update your app if necessary, see the instructions here

To provide some additional context about this change, we are removing support for older advertising SDK releases that do not support a minimum set of capabilities, including the ability to serve HTML5 rich media via the Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) 1.0 specification from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Many of our advertisers seek these capabilities, and we are making this change to help make our app ecosystem more attractive to advertisers and ultimately drive more revenue to you. 

We recommend that you make the required updates soon to leave time to resolve any issue you encounter. Additionally, early completion means that your apps will be ready for the winter holiday season when we tend to have the highest advertising demand. 

If you encounter any issues or you need assistance, please contact support. "

     Today I recieved this mail from Microsoft Developer Commumications.It says that Microsoft wont serve ads to our applications which use older SDK (Anyhow,all of them were created by OLD System). After now It seems we need to upgrade our application to better systems. What do you mean with better system? I mean UWP(Universal Windows Platform),not Windows Phone 8.1 Project.I think the time came to build UWP application.

     The migration of my applications is hard work for me to have not enough time.But I can create new applications for UWP.This is what i need to focus on after January 2017. Maybe i would change my apps status for getting paid.It might be an eve to work on cross-platform progrraming,windows universal app,monogame...

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